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Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago


iPhone and Android Growing Like Crazy. Downloads up 83%, Phone Activation up 142% from Last Year

Full Story: Singularity Hub


Posted 2 years ago

Here you go….

Posted 2 years ago

iMessanger, Friend or Foe?!

Instant messaging has become almost as natural as breathing, so of course Apple would put there own “spin” on it to make it more”apple(y)”…

"iMessage is a messaging client built into iOS 5. It works on the iPad, iPod touch, and of course the iPhone, as long as there is an active internet connection available. The entire platform is based on your Apple ID, so you must know your contact’s associated email address to send them messages…" Full stoey here

Posted 2 years ago

iPad 3 rumored to have Quad-core, LTE, and Hi-Def screen…

The newest iPad has supposedly gone into production this month and Bloomberg reports some of the new specs and speculations. 


Posted 2 years ago

Hey, I dig your new mobile “pyramid” computer, dude!!

Smartphone and Tablet Lawsuit Shapes Up

If you want to create a tablet computer or smartphone that’s a pointy green pyramid, Apple has no objection.

That’s the only logical conclusion from a curious court filing the company has made in an ongoing legal battle with Samsung. Long story short, Apple is suing Samsung for copying the design of its products with the Galaxy S phone and Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung has countered with the simple argument that it’s pretty difficult to design a decent tablet or phone that isn’t of a similar shape and style.

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